Monday, July 04, 2011

SCEA 5 part 1 or OCMJEA Part1
SCEA 5 or
Oracle Certified Master part1 or
Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect Part1 or
OCMJEA 5 Part1

What to Read ?

You need to know the following subjects in order to clear Part1

  1. J2ee Architecture (Terms like Scalibility, reliability, performance...etc)
  2. Java security including applets security and web applications security.(
  3. Java design patterns (Trust me this is the most easy ones to score as the questions are little straight forward. So know all patterns well) - Head first design patterns is good or you can google and read about each pattern.
  4. J2ee design patterns. Click on each and it has a good description.
  5. Web tier technologies - Servlets, JSPS, JSF (Basics of JSF as why to use when to use).Head First Servlets book is good (But they will not ask questiosn like what JSP tag to use...Instead read how Web technologies in J2ee are used and know how web apps are deployed).
  6. EJB tier - (EJB 3.0 so we need to know Message driven Beans,Session beans and entity beans -JPA as well) Head first EJB brush a bit and also be clear on why stateless session beans or better than stateful (scalability) ...etc
  7. Intgeration layer - JAXP, JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, WSDL, SOAP, JCA, JAXB. Read each and every thing list here and know in what context to use the technology.
  8. UML
Once you read the above you should start looking for Q&A on Part-1.I read lot of articles on the above subjects on net. I found java world website very useful for security related stuff.
Here are some useful links and in addition I will post around 120 questions with answers which I found very useful for Part1.

Sun certified enterprise Architect for Java EE study Guide second edition
by Mark Cade and Humphrey Sheil is a good book to read at the end after you done your preparation.

This book gives summary of all subjects we need to know for the exam and I suggest to READ ONLY AT THE END after you have in depth articles on each of the subject mentioned above.

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